Reported Bullying Incidents in Iowa School Districts


This application uses data from the Iowa Department of Education on bullying incidents and enrollment in Iowa school districts. We use the district shapefiles to allow you to explore this data by clicking on the maps.

The Explore tab displays the number of incidents of a particular type in a particular year, with the option to scale by the enrollment of the district. The Model tab uses a simple linear regression to model the trend in the selected incident type over time for each district. Finally, the Data Sources tab gives information on the data collection process and displays a table of the raw results.

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Map of Reported Bullying Incidents

The map below displays the total number of bullying incidents by district over the specified time frame. Use the inputs on the left to filter to a specific type of incident and/or a specific year. Districts colored in white had missing or redacted data during the specified time frame.

Modeling the Trend

Here we use a Simple Linear Regression to model the trend in bullying incidents between 2013 and 2016. A negative trend (colored in green) indicates that bullying incidents appear to be on the decrease, while a positive trend (colored in red) indicates an increase. Districts are colored white where data was redacted or too limited to compute the model.

Data Source

This data was collected by the Iowa Department of Education. The data has been collectd from the Excel spreadsheets on the site. Because of a change in data format in 2013, data from prior to 2013 was not used. Also note that in districts where bullying incidents were between 1 and 9 in a particular year, the exact value was redacted to preserve student privacy. We have set these values to be missing, and thus districts with these redacted values will appear as white on the maps.

Raw Data