Your Background

What do you know already?

  • Excel, Numbers, Some sort of spreadsheet software
  • SAS, SPSS, Minitab
  • Any other programming language
  • R
  • A text editor

Installing R

Hopefully this is done already. Otherwise for Windows or OSX:

  • Go to
  • From CRAN, pick a download site
  • Choose link based on your Operation System (OS)
  • Choose the "base" subdirectory to install R.
  • "contrib" is useful for installing packages on computers without internet access
  • "Rtools" is needed for package development

Interacting With R

  • RStudio
  • RGui [Windows/Mac] or Command line [Linux]
  • Notepad++ (NpptoR) [Windows only]
  • Emacs + ESS
  • Eclipse + StatET

Get Use to RStudio

We will be using Rstudio for the duration of this course. However, you are free to use any IDE of your choice.