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Shiny Inputs

Shiny has many different input options:

  • actionButton() - creates a clickable button
  • checkboxInput() and checkboxGroupInput()
  • dateInput() - calendar to select a date
  • dateRangeInput() - select a range of dates
  • fileInput() - upload a file
  • numericInput() - input a numeric value
  • radioButtons() - select one or more items
  • sliderInput() - slide along a range of values
  • textInput() - input a string

Shiny Outputs

Shiny also has many output options:

  • renderDataTable() - outputs an interactive, sortable data table
  • htmlOutput() - output html elements
  • renderPlot() - output an R plot
  • renderPrint() - output text from print() in R
  • renderTable() - output an HTML table
  • renderText() - output text from R
  • renderUI() - output a custom part of the user interface
  • renderImage() - print an image to the page

Other User Interface Options

  • tabsetPanel() - make multiple different output views (i.e. a plot in one tab, a data table in another)
  • helpText() - create additional text to help users navigate your applet
  • submitButton() - only update outputs when this button is clicked
  • conditionalPanel() - only show certain UI options when conditions are met (i.e. if a certain tab is open, or a certain input is selected)

Your Turn

Using any sports dataset provided or your own, create a simple Shiny app. Use the skeleton files ui.R and server.R as a starting point.

  • Ideas:
    • Plot some aspect of the data with color based on another aspect of the data
    • Use subset() and checkboxInput() to plot user-selected subsets
  • Challenges:
    • Use tabsetPanel() to display different summaries or plots
    • Allow multiple input variables
    • Use if statements to output different plot types and let the user choose which plot type to output

For more ideas refer to: