Here is a collection of datasets gathered from far and wide for you! Feel free to use them in order to practice on your visualization and analysis skills.


Airport Data

Month – The month the data was recorded
Year – The year the data was recorded
Dest – The 3 letter airport code for the destination Airport
Freq – The number of flights
ArrDelay – The Total Arrival Delay in Minutes
NDays – The number of days in the particular month


Food Data – Chocolates

Name – The name of the chocolate
MFR Country Type – The country of origin
Calories – The number of calories in the full serving
CalFat – The number of calories from fat in the full serving
TotFat – The total fat in the full serving
SatFat – The amount of saturated fat in the full serving
Chol – The amount of cholesterol in the full serving
Na – The amount of sodium in the full serving
Carbs The number of carbs in the full serving
Fiber – The amount of fiber in the full serving
Sugars – The number of grams of sugar in the full serving
Protein – The amount of protein in the full serving


Food Data – Fruits

Name – Fruit
FruitGroup – Group simple, multiple or aggregate
Fruittype – Type of fruit
Shape – Physical shape of the fruit
Color – Color of fruit
VisibleSeeds – Are there visible
PeelingRequired – Does it have inedible skin
ServingSize – Serving size
FruitWeight_g – Weight in gram
Calories – Calorie count
Fiber_g – Fiber content in gram
VitaminA_mg – Vitamin A content in milligram
VitaminC_mg – Vitamin C content in milligram
Potassium_mg – Potassium content in milligram
Folate_Aµg – Folate content in milligram

Path Data

Path ID – Unique identifier for the path
Team ID – Unique identifier for the game team
Spend – Interaction number for the particular team
Path – The path the user took through the game states


Housing Data – Ames-Housing.csv

SalePrice – The price in USD at time of sale
Bedrooms – The number of bedrooms in the home
Baths – The number of bathrooms in the home
LotArea – The area in square feet of the total lot
LivingArea – The area in square feet of house living space
GarageArea – The area in square feet of the garage
Neighborhood – The neighborhood within Ames that the house is located
HouseStyle – The style of house
YearBuilt – The year the house was built
YearSold – The year the house was sold