One aspect of OAITI being a technology non-profit is that we are invested in researching the many innovations that can benefit the public. Our research is set to span across different technologies of the future.

  Machine Learning: Deep learning, artificial intelligence, and everything in-between, OAITI has interests in enabling systems to create tasks as efficiently as possible through the use of data.

 Blockchain Services:The idea of a decentralized, immutable ledger than enables value to be transferred through the internet is a novel technology that OAITI will seek to advance through awareness and scholarship.

 Robotics: The mechanisms that enable machines to perform human-like physical actions. We would love to support advancements in this field.

  The Internet of Things: The IoT is the inter-connection of residential and commercial devices onto one information grid.

  Augmented Reality: Virtual reality, but with the integration of the real world. Augmented reality uses projections and heads up displays to bring digital content to the physical world.

   Genetic Engineering: Personalized medicine and even food of the future will be created through the use of advanced bio-genetic techniques that are able to manipulate expression on the gene level.

  3D Printing: This technology will enable the rapid prototyping and manufacturing of consumer goods on a much larger scale than currently possible.