Mentorship in data science empowers everyone to leverage their data in new and exciting ways

It’s our belief that the world of statistics and data science should be made more accessible to anyone; not just those with a math background, not just those with a computing background, and not just those who already understand the benefits of collecting and analyzing data. We seek to help by providing free courses on data science and worksheets to inculcate a data driven mindset.



Each course contains code in the form of RMarkdown scripts, slides generated from these scripts, and videos walking through the content.

  • Sports Analytics
    This course introduces the principles of statistics, data analysis, and R programming. Using datasets from various national and international sports, you will be guided through ...
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Case Studies

Our case studies highlight particular areas where data science can (and has) been used to improve the decision making capabilities of individuals, institutions, and other non-profits.

  • Energy Usage Analysis
    OAITI conducted an analysis on the energy usage for a mid-atlantic church. We've anonymized and published this analysis for public viewing, illustrating the capabilities of ...
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Our education applications are Shiny web applications used to improve the workflow of educators and students alike.

  • Teacher Dashboard
    This web application uses uploaded data on student scores and produces a dashboard for teachers. It displays individual and classroom statistics using various visualization techniques ...
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Data Worksheets

There’s no age bar to learn data science! Here are some downloadable worksheets to help think about data and it’s collection and analysis.

  • This data worksheet helps kids understand data attributes and identify them for a number of fruits. The questions after subtly introduces the concepts of similar/dissimilar items and recommendations.