Focus Areas

The widespread availability of data has enabled new technologies, and understanding them can empower communities. As statisticians and data scientists, we have the responsibility of ensuring that we are well equipped to deal with transformative technologies and draw accurate conclusions. Our activities toward this goal are fueled by the following principles.

Mentorship and Open Education

We believe that statistics and data science can be made more accessible by providing free courses, data awareness drives and guidance to nonprofit institutions.

Open Data and Analytics Applications

We believe that an open access and collaborative process is important in data science. All our applications are available online along with source code.

Collaboration in Forensics Research

We work closely with the Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence (CSAFE) on a number of projects to add statistical validity to forensic science procedures. One such project is BulletMatcher, an application and algorithm to assess the probability that two bullets were fired from the same gun barrel.

Latest Posts

Speeding up Leaflet-based Shiny Apps with Polygon Simplification

Optimizing the performance of Shiny applications has a number of sub-topics that deserve attention. One particular class of applications that we've observed significant performance issues are those that involve the use of interactive maps with polygons overlaid from shapefiles. An example of this type of application can be seen in our Bullying Application. This map draws a Leaflet map and overlays shapes representing the school districts in the state of Iowa (as of 2016):

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