Hello and welcome to the Omni Analytics Innovative Technologies Initiative (OAITI) website! OAITI is a non-profit analytics and research organization created with the idea that data science can empower communities. Though this type of work can and has been done for the betterment of businesses and corporations, there is a broader community of organizations, universities, and other non-profits which can benefit as well. We wish to help all of these entities leverage their data in innovative and interesting ways.

This blog will be used to host data science and statistics content which we deem interesting enough to share. One of our primary initiatives is Open Source Analytics – We believe that the content we create and the analytics workflows we derive should be released in the public domain. This blog will be one way in which we act upon that vision. Because our organization is based in Ames, Iowa, and because we maintain an active working relationship with Iowa State University, the content will often have a local flavor associated with it as well.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you would like more information about OAITI, or if you feel like we could help your organization. Otherwise, you may continue to check back at this blog as we publish more content in the coming months!